Initiation in Taste: 'seafood dinner and gourmet ...' 'by Wine Plus in Thymare!

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How much more simple can redefine the taste?
The renewed Thymare looks everywhere and continues the series of successful thematic
meetings with common denominators the '' sea food pleasure '' & imagination!
The next stop is at Friday 20 of March.
The Thymare meets the company '' Wine Plus '' and initiates us to the very secrets of wine tasting, with a
imaginative gourmet dinner that combines harmoniously the most explosive seafood with
more matched wines and the most perfect scents.
Through an impressive menu of four unexpected dishes, o Executive Chef George
Papadopoulos invades the palate, creating a sea cuisine with materials to an admirer
The result? Dishes to look that creates aesthetic reflections and scents that will
stay for long in the memory.
And beside them, white wines with scaly acidity, subtle aromas and full-bodied, in a marriage that
signed-guarantee Wine Plus.

'' Seafood dinner and gourmet ... '' in Thymare restaurant, Makedonia Palace Hotel
In collaboration with the Wine Plus
Friday, March 20
Arrival time 21:00
Menu participation of four dishes at 34 euros per person
Limited availability
Reservations Telephone: (+30) 2310 897 201 (Monday to Friday 9:00 to 18:00)
'' Thymare '' Sea Food Pleasure
Av. Great Alexander 2

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